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Lucky Cat Tattoo Parlour

The Parlour

Lucky Cat Tattoo parlour opened its doors for the first time on July 29 2010. The brainchild of proprietor and head artist Kevin Younger, Lucky Cat has been methodically designed and built to create an absolutely stunning tattoo parlour. The shop front is walled with 7 huge portrait windows, giving the parlour an open, bright, welcoming feel.

The large reception and waiting area is floored in dark hardwood, while the deep red walls are adorned with paintings, a wide range of artwork and huge ornate gold guilt mirrors. Relax and get comfortable on the chesterfield sofa and chairs.

We have many portfolios displaying our artists’ most recent work, along with reference books and our preferred tattoo magazines for you to peruse and perhaps acquire inspiration from. Lucky Cat Tattoo doesn‘t carry bulk standard “flash’ tattoo designs as we believe that all our tattoos should be specifically designed for each individual customer.

With an emphasis on strict hygiene throughout the parlour, every step is taken to ensure that all clients are treated in a sterile environment.

There is a private treatment room for each artist and laser technician. This not only ensures privacy for every client but also minimises distraction and helps maintain a sense of calm for our more nervous customers. We guarantee you’ll find Lucky Cat to be a truly unique tattoo parlour.